Criminal Case

I used James services in a case for my 20 year old son . My son had been charged with armed robbery worngful inprisonment . James put out very insightful briefs . My son had a bond set we payed it had him out for almost 2 months he was doing good . The case got turned over from district court to circit court our draw of judges we got the toughest one he revoved my sons bond but that didnt bother James he just said i have to make sure i dot all my i's and cross all my t's filed a motion right away he had my son back out in a week in a half which is unheard of getting judge Callahan to turn a decision but James got it done . The ending to the case my son was sentenced with just robbery given hyda and only recived 6 months in salvation army and porbation and drug testing when he gets out . James became like family to use he is VERY THROUGH very well spoken did a better job than expected . James is an OUTSTANDING lawyer .

Posted by Brian