Client not a criminal

I was accused by my Ex-wife of felonious assault and other accompanying charges, and appointed a public defender. Knowing that I was innocent, I tried to proceed to go to trial with the public defender. About a week before my trial the public defender contacts me to inform me that I had missed a court date, despite my many many calls and messages, At that point I decided to go with a PRO! I had Mr. Amberg's card in my wallet from a few years back when I meet him in a parking lot, so I gave him a call. Mr. Amberg asked me to give him the brief version of what happened and my charges. After hearing the short version Mr. Amberg was very excited and advised me to retain him so that we could go to trial and beat these charges. immediately Mr. Amberg went to work, taking pictures, asking questions, sending out subpoenas, and turning a client into a friend. After setting new trial dates and getting me to understand what I am up against, Mr. Amberg was at full throttle. We went to trial, and for the first time since this has started, I wasn't nervous. Needless to say that after Mr. Amberg began to defend me in court, I was acquitted of all charges! Mr. Amberg is very passionate about his clients, he will educate you on you specific case, he will NOT just give in and leave you at the mercy of the prosecutor. I wish I could give more detail and let you all know in words what a mess I was in, however I can tell you with all honesty that with Mr. Amberg I felt like a client not a criminal.

Posted by Robert F.