Auburn Hills Police Department

As one of the larger police departments in Oakland County, the Auburn Hills Police Department handles many drinking and driving cases.  The size of the department leads to a great multitude of different officers handling operating while intoxicated cases.  That being said, we find that Auburn Hills cops are well versed in Michigan drunk driving law.   

The law firm that handles misdemeanor prosecutions for Auburn Hills can be tough but fair in the right circumstances and has been known to work with their officers to resolve cases.  On the other hand, we have had success at trial against the Auburn Hills Police and have no problem taking their cases to trial. 

The major problem with the Auburn Hills Police Department is not themselves, but the court which handles their cases.  The 52-3 District Court in Rochester Hills handles all Auburn Hills drunk driving cases, and that particular court's judges can be very tough on drinking and driving cases. 

Rochester Hills Oakland County Sheriff

It may come at a surprise, but Rochester Hills does not have their own police force, even though it is one of the biggest cities in Michigan.  Instead, Rochester Hills has a contract with the Oakland County Sheriff Department to police their city.  The Oakland County Sheriff has a major police presence in Rochester Hills as they have their own large substation located a block away from the 52-3 District Court.

Rochester Hills deputies generally work solely in the Rochester Hills jurisdiction, rather than being transferred throughout the County.  Because of this, they are very familiar with Rochester Hills people and places.  The deputies are all trained in standardized field sobriety testing and they know how to use a Datamaster DMT breath test.  

We have won some of our greatest operating while intoxicated jury trials against the Rochester Hills deputies.  We have found that the deputies generally attempt to be honest at trial, and we have punished those who choose to not be honest.  We have won evidentiary hearings where the deputies were less than truthful about what they witnessed in a search warrant for a blood draw, and we have had the court issue opinions against their actions.

Royal Oak Police Department

The Royal Oak Police Department handles many drinking and driving cases simply due to the fact that Royal Oak is a major destination for drinking due to its many bars and restaurants.  Having handled many Royal Oak drinking and driving cases, we have dealt with the Royal Oak Police Department in all sorts of different situations.  Royal Oak cops are hit or miss on experience in handling OWI cases and we have had issues with their tactics in the past.  A major consideration in any drunk driving case in Royal Oak is that the Royal Oak PD requests more in costs than any other city or township in Oakland County.

While the Royal Oak cops can be tough, the City prosecutor's office is a reasonable organization which is willing to make deals and work with us on our cases.  As our office is one block away from both the Police Department and the Court, we have seen it all with the Royal Oak Police.

The Oakland County Prosecutor's Office

Amberg & Amberg trial lawyer Jim Amberg has conducted more operating while intoxicated misdemeanor and felony jury trials against the Oakland County Prosecutor's Office than just about any attorney who practices in Oakland County.  The Oakland County Prosecutor's Office handles the more serious drunk driving cases, including high bac superdrunk driving, operating while intoxicated second offenses, felony drunk driving, OWI causing serious injury, and drinking and driving causing death.  

The Oakland County Prosecutor's Office is known as the toughest prosecutor's office and Michigan.  This reputation is well earned, as for the most part there are no deals offered in operating while intoxicated cases by the Oakland County Prosecutors.  This is not by choice, but instead from the elected prosecutor, who personally reviews every drinking and driving case where a deal is requested.   

Most lawyers, even the ones who talk a big game, end up letting their clients plead guilty straight up with no deals when the Oakland County Prosecutor's Office is involved.  Unlike the norm however, our trial attorney Jim Amberg conducts jury trials on most of his drinking and driving cases involving the Oakland County Prosecutor.  This aggressive stance has earned Jim the respect and friendship of many of the prosecutors, who then refer their loved ones to him for his help.

Oakland County Sheriff

The Oakland County Sheriff Department serves many of the local communities in Oakland County, including Pontiac and Rochester Hills.  These offices generally have extensive experience in arresting people for drinking and driving in Oakland County.  In fact, many times the Oakland County Sheriff Department will have specialized alcohol enforcement deputies staffed and ready to respond to any potential drunk driving case.  These specialized officers are then used to conduct the operating while intoxicated arrest and testify in court about what they did.

Although the Oakland County Sheriff Deputies are very experienced in withstanding intense challenges by attorneys, we are also very experienced at dealing with these specialized alcohol enforcement deputies.  One trial Jim Amberg won in Rochester recently involved getting one of these deputies to admit that had he known that Jim's client suffered from indigestion, he should have given her a blood draw.  This testimony resulted in a not guilty verdict at trial.

The Oakland County Sheriff is also called in to assist local police departments when dealing with alcohol based accidents that have resulted in death or serious injury.  The deputies will draw up detailed accident reconstruction reports and then testify as to what happened in court.  In order to counter this, you must have extensive knowledge of how these deputies train and operate. 

State Police

Frequently in Oakland County we deal with drunk driving cases involving the Michigan State Police.  The State Police generally are involved in any situation which takes place on a highway.  The most popular places we have seen for operating while intoxicated purposes is I-696, particularly in Oak Park, Farmington Hills, and Novi.  Another high risk drinking and driving area involving the State Police is I-75, particularly in Troy and Auburn Hills.  These highways are vital thoroughfares when Oakland County residents are driving home from bars in Royal Oak, Detroit, and Ferndale.   

The Michigan State Police in Oakland County primarily operates out of its Metro Post North located on Ten Mile Road in Oak Park, which is in close proximity to the Coolidge exit of I-696.  When dealing with State Troopers, we anticipate that they are heavily trained in field sobriety tests and other law enforcement issues.  However, they also seem to have the same problems when testifying, as they seem to not be as experienced in court as some of the more local police departments, such as the Oakland County Sheriff.

Another strange fact with the State Police in Oakland County is that many times the troopers do not use their own Datamaster DMT, rather they will travel long distances to use the DMt located in the Oakland County Jail.  This fact we exploit in every trial involving the State Police.