What is a Pretrial

A common question we receive from clients in drunk driving cases is what a pretrial is.  A pretrial is a court date where the prosecutor and defendant, through their lawyer, discuss what to do with the case.  Once it's established what's going to happen, then normally the parties tell the judge on the record what they want to do.  

Many things can happen at a pretrial.  For instance, if the police report hasn't been provided yet, the case will likely get adjourned to another pretrial down the road.  Other times people plead guilty at pretrials.  There can be an unlimited amount of pretrials in any case.  

At the pretrial, other things are also addressed.  For example, if somebody has allegedly violated their bond conditions,  then the court will likely discuss this at the pretrial.  Also, if a motion hearing is needed or the parties are setting a trial date, this also happens at a pretrial.