Trial Overview

A drunk driving jury trial in Oakland County is the most difficult type of trial to win.  Reasons for this include that unlike most other cases, jurors come into the courthouse hating drunk drivers.  Many times simply hearing the score of the breath test or believing an officer's tale is enough for most lawyers to tell their clients that they should plead guilty as charged.  The problem is that most "criminal defense" lawyers have never actually conducted a drunk driving jury trial, let alone actually won one.  Do you want a lawyer whose never even conducted an OWI trial in Oakland County?  Do you think that lawyer is going to have any respect or clout when it comes to the prosecutor's decision about what to do with your case?  Would you hire a doctor whose never done a heart transplant to take yours out!  The point is that you need to hire a lawyer who understands how to conduct an Oakland County jury trial who has the respect of the prosecutors and judges.