The Oakland County Prosecutor's Office

Amberg & Amberg trial lawyer Jim Amberg has conducted more operating while intoxicated misdemeanor and felony jury trials against the Oakland County Prosecutor's Office than just about any attorney who practices in Oakland County.  The Oakland County Prosecutor's Office handles the more serious drunk driving cases, including high bac superdrunk driving, operating while intoxicated second offenses, felony drunk driving, OWI causing serious injury, and drinking and driving causing death.  

The Oakland County Prosecutor's Office is known as the toughest prosecutor's office and Michigan.  This reputation is well earned, as for the most part there are no deals offered in operating while intoxicated cases by the Oakland County Prosecutors.  This is not by choice, but instead from the elected prosecutor, who personally reviews every drinking and driving case where a deal is requested.   

Most lawyers, even the ones who talk a big game, end up letting their clients plead guilty straight up with no deals when the Oakland County Prosecutor's Office is involved.  Unlike the norm however, our trial attorney Jim Amberg conducts jury trials on most of his drinking and driving cases involving the Oakland County Prosecutor.  This aggressive stance has earned Jim the respect and friendship of many of the prosecutors, who then refer their loved ones to him for his help.