The Datamaster DMT

The Datamaster DMT is the newest breath test machine that in the past year has been adopted by all of the various police departments in Oakland County.  The Datamaster DMT is the machine used when a suspect is brought back to test to see what their blood alcohol level is.  These results are admissible in Oakland County courts that handle drunk driving cases.

The Datamaster DMT is the replacement machine for the long-used original Datamaster machine.  In about 2009, the Datamaster DMT machine was presented to the various Oakland County police departments as the predecessor to the original Datamaster machine.  After a lengthy time, our attorneys started to see the newer DMT machines being used in Oakland County around the beginning of 2014.  Now, every drunk driving case we handle in Oakland County which deals with a breath test is performed on the DMT machine.


There are numerous differences between the original machine and the DMT.  The most noticable difference between the machines is that the DMT interface is much more "high tech" and gives officers and operators many more options to choose from when administering the test.  Another major difference is in how the DMT tests itself for errors.  The original Datamaster machine required an operator to run an independent sample of a .08 alcohol solution through the machine.  The DMT instead contains its own internal gas tank with a sample that is in theory a .08.  The human element is taken out of it, which should cause concerns to anybody whose freedom is on the line.