Strange Datamaster DMT Results

One great argument in Oakland County operating while intoxicated cases is when the Datamaster DMT result has something strange printed out on the ticket.  For example, we have seen the term "interference detected" on multiple tests since the new machine came out.  In fact, drunk driving trial lawyer Jim Amberg recently obtained a not guilty in a .16 blood alcohol case because the officer didn't follow the rules when this result prints out on the ticket.

There are many different issues that can come up with the Datamaster DMT, such as the term "invalid sample," "ambient fail," and "radio interference."  These error messages should signal to the officer administering the test that something is wrong with the machine.  Yet it is incredible how often officers simply continue or are satisfied with the these error plagued tests.

Although officers seem to be ok when the check engine light of the Datamaster DMT comes on, we are not and more importantly, juries are not.  Knowing what to look for and what each of these error messages mean is an important part of successfully winning a drunk driving trial.