State Police

Frequently in Oakland County we deal with drunk driving cases involving the Michigan State Police.  The State Police generally are involved in any situation which takes place on a highway.  The most popular places we have seen for operating while intoxicated purposes is I-696, particularly in Oak Park, Farmington Hills, and Novi.  Another high risk drinking and driving area involving the State Police is I-75, particularly in Troy and Auburn Hills.  These highways are vital thoroughfares when Oakland County residents are driving home from bars in Royal Oak, Detroit, and Ferndale.   

The Michigan State Police in Oakland County primarily operates out of its Metro Post North located on Ten Mile Road in Oak Park, which is in close proximity to the Coolidge exit of I-696.  When dealing with State Troopers, we anticipate that they are heavily trained in field sobriety tests and other law enforcement issues.  However, they also seem to have the same problems when testifying, as they seem to not be as experienced in court as some of the more local police departments, such as the Oakland County Sheriff.

Another strange fact with the State Police in Oakland County is that many times the troopers do not use their own Datamaster DMT, rather they will travel long distances to use the DMt located in the Oakland County Jail.  This fact we exploit in every trial involving the State Police.