Rochester Hills Oakland County Sheriff

It may come at a surprise, but Rochester Hills does not have their own police force, even though it is one of the biggest cities in Michigan.  Instead, Rochester Hills has a contract with the Oakland County Sheriff Department to police their city.  The Oakland County Sheriff has a major police presence in Rochester Hills as they have their own large substation located a block away from the 52-3 District Court.

Rochester Hills deputies generally work solely in the Rochester Hills jurisdiction, rather than being transferred throughout the County.  Because of this, they are very familiar with Rochester Hills people and places.  The deputies are all trained in standardized field sobriety testing and they know how to use a Datamaster DMT breath test.  

We have won some of our greatest operating while intoxicated jury trials against the Rochester Hills deputies.  We have found that the deputies generally attempt to be honest at trial, and we have punished those who choose to not be honest.  We have won evidentiary hearings where the deputies were less than truthful about what they witnessed in a search warrant for a blood draw, and we have had the court issue opinions against their actions.