Oakland County Sheriff

The Oakland County Sheriff Department serves many of the local communities in Oakland County, including Pontiac and Rochester Hills.  These offices generally have extensive experience in arresting people for drinking and driving in Oakland County.  In fact, many times the Oakland County Sheriff Department will have specialized alcohol enforcement deputies staffed and ready to respond to any potential drunk driving case.  These specialized officers are then used to conduct the operating while intoxicated arrest and testify in court about what they did.

Although the Oakland County Sheriff Deputies are very experienced in withstanding intense challenges by attorneys, we are also very experienced at dealing with these specialized alcohol enforcement deputies.  One trial Jim Amberg won in Rochester recently involved getting one of these deputies to admit that had he known that Jim's client suffered from indigestion, he should have given her a blood draw.  This testimony resulted in a not guilty verdict at trial.

The Oakland County Sheriff is also called in to assist local police departments when dealing with alcohol based accidents that have resulted in death or serious injury.  The deputies will draw up detailed accident reconstruction reports and then testify as to what happened in court.  In order to counter this, you must have extensive knowledge of how these deputies train and operate.