How Blood Vials are Received at the Michigan State Lab

An important part of a successful blood test challenge in an Oakland County operating while intoxicated case is to dig deep into how the blood vials came into the possession of the blood tester who ultimately tests the blood in question.

The first issue is to look at what was going on with the weather at the time the blood kit containing the blood sample was sent in the mail.  A filled blood vial sitting in a hot mail truck for days is going to have an effect on the blood.  Same thing goes as we all know living in Michigan when the temperature goes low in the middle of winter.  Freezing something is going to effect it, an example of which is freezing food, it's never as good as when it's fresh.

The second issue is when the blood kit is actually received by the Michigan State lab.  There is a person who works at the lab that takes all of the kits apart and places the vials into a giant refrigerator that contains hundreds of vials of blood.  This person could see a blood tube with some issues and simply shake it up and nobody would ever know because the prosecutors of Oakland County never call that person as a witness.  Many times the representative of the State Lab doesn't even know who dealt with the blood sample.  This is a great challenge that we have been successful with at operating while intoxicated jury trials in the various courts of Oakland County.