Hiring an Expert Witness

Every drunk driving trial lawyer has their own strategy for conducting a drunk driving jury trial.  Some choose to bombard the jurors with expert witnesses and a resuscitation of the science involved in drunk driving cases.  The problem with this strategy is that most jurors are skeptical of defense experts and these same jurors lose interest in the science within seconds.  Additionally, when a defense expert is placed on the witness list, the Oakland County Prosecutor's Office prosecutors will have their own expert there to contradict anything the defense expert says.  And our experience is that people tend to always believe the State expert.  What is left is an upset client who spent a ton of money on an expert, legal fees, and still gets found guilty.

Although there are times when an expert is necessary in order to bring forward a novel defense, in the vast majority of our trials in Oakland County, we have chose to not use experts and instead simply get the testimony we want the jury to hear through the witnesses of the prosecutor.