Getting a Paper License

Although being arrested for a drunk driving in Oakland County is usually a mortifying experience for most, one of the most shocking parts is when the officer destroys your driver license.  According to Michigan law, the officer is required to destroy your license, and this is generally done with a pair of scissors.  

When an officer destroys your license, the officer will give you a paper license.  This is a license on a regular sized sheet of paper and for all intensive purposes is a regular license.  The paper license does not create a prohibitions or restrictions on your driving.  If your license is up for renew while having the paper license, you can still renew your license at the secretary of state.

You can eventually get a new plastic license, generally after your operating while intoxicated case has been adjudicated.  What happens is that the secretary of state will send you notice of whatever sanction you've been given, then after, you can go in and get a new license.  In the event that you win your case, the secretary of state has to give you a new license.

If your license has been taken because of a drinking and driving charge, one short term solution is to obtain a Michigan temporary ID card while the case is pending.  That way you can avoid those embarrassing situations where you have to pull out that paper license when giving id.