Getting a Bond

A very important consideration in an operating while intoxicated case in Oakland County is what the bond will be.  A bond is an assurance that the defendant will show up to court.  What normally happens in drinking and driving cases is that courts will indicate that the defendant is not permitted to drink or use drugs while on bond.  Many times in the Oakland County district court system, judges require that the defendant participate in random drug and alcohol testing.

Bond is given in a variety of ways.  For example, sometimes the police will let a person go with an interim bond that they agree to appear before the court when they are charged.  Bond can be set by a judge or magistrate at the arraignment, and the judge is always allowed to modify the bond.

Many people in Oakland County are not able to comply with the various bond conditions.  When this happens, the court will hold a bond violation hearing where the judge may simply revoke bond and send the person to jail.  Once the defendant is sentenced, the defendant is no longer on bond and some of the bond funds can be attributed to fines and costs.