Drunk Driving Probation Overview

The various district courts of Oakland County generally will impose a probationary sentence regardless of any jail time given.  The most common sentence for a first time OWI offender is a year of probation.  During this probationary period, the court will generally order different conditions, including no leaving Michigan, taking random alcohol tests, counseling, AA, and special programs.  Community service is also highly likely to be a part of any sentence.

For second offense operating while intoxicated sentences, most Oakland County courts will order 18 months to two years of probation and many times the defendant receives a short jail sentence. Inpatient rehab and intensive outpatient counseling is also something that can be expected. 

Probation in Oakland County is very difficult compared to other counties in Michigan.  Many times, an Oakland County probationary sentence on a first offense drunk driving will eclipse what a Genessee County defendant would receive in a felony case.  Because of this, understanding the probationary conditions and how to successfully complete them is paramount to not spending the end of your sentence in the Oakland County jail.