Datamaster DMT Radio Interference

Although Oakland County officers will testify that the Datamaster DMT is an infallible device, the simple fact is that it has issues just like any other scientific machine.  One issue that comes up is with radio frequencies affecting the results of the breath test.  This is a common occurrence because most officers wear their radios on their belts while administering the alcohol great test.

The Datamaster can sometimes recognize this effect taking place, and it will in response print out on the ticket the term "radio interference". Radio interference refers to the detection of excessive radio frequency energy.  This is generally caused by transmissions from handheld radios or vehicle microphones being used near the Datamaster DMT.  

We have seen this effect in action and have talked off the record with officers who feel that the new Datamaster machines are much more sensitive to radio frequencies and have resulted in issues with the breath test.