Bond Conditions

Oakland County courts are known nationwide as the toughest drunk driving courts in the country.  The unfortunate defendant that finds themselves with an operating while intoxicated charge in one of these tough courts finds out pretty quick that the punishment starts long before any sentencing happens.  This punishment is given in the form of bond conditions.  In order to be let out of jail while the drunk driving case proceeds, judges in Oakland County will require everything from mandatory AA to daily testing.  Sometimes judges will require using an alcohol tether, while others insist on an interlock device placed in the defendant's vehicle.  The entire concept of innocent unless proven guilty is rarely followed in these courts and instead punishment before the punishment is given. 

If bond conditions are violated, then there is a possibility of being thrown in jail before the case is even adjudicated.  There is a reason why the Oakland County Jail is bursting at its seams with people, it's because the tough judges of Oakland County throw tons of people in jail for bond violations on bond conditions that are basically designed for people to fail.