46th District Court


The 46th District Court in Southfield is one of the busier courts in Oakland County.  Encompassing the cities of Southfield, Beverly Hills, Lathrup Village, and Franklin, the Southfield district court handles hundreds of drunk driving cases every week.  The court has recently had some movement of judges, with Judges Sheila Johnson, Debra Nance, and Cynthia Arvant.  The punishments for drunk driving first offenses in this court generally are limited to probation, unless there is some aggregating factor in the case, such as a crash with injuries.  Although both Judge Nance and Judge Arvant are relatively new to the Southfield court bench, we have handled enough cases before them to know that they can be fair, even in very difficult drunk driving cases.

Regarding jury trials, the diverse jury pool from the 46th's jurisdiction generally leads to a good group of jurors who are not afraid to find our clients not guilty of drinking and driving.