52-4 District Court

The 52-4 District Court located in Troy serves both the Troy and Clawson communities.  The court itself is governed by two judges, Judge Kirsten Hartig and Judge Maureen McGinnis.  As our office is right down the street, we handle many drunk driving cases in Troy and since the change in judges in the past couple of years, we can say that the court has become a place where you can be expect to be treated fairly and with respect by the judges and their staff.

As to our experience in dealing with operating while intoxicated cases in the 52-4 District Court, one only has to look at the recent hung jury verdict Amberg & Amberg lawyer Jim Amberg obtained in the locally highly publicized case involving a gentleman who completely destroyed five Cadillac vehicle, eventually landing on the last one and being found discovered sleeping in the vehicle.  Although Jim's client was later administered a blood draw and found to have a high blood alcohol content, as seen in this article Jim was able to convince some of the jury of his client's innocence and the jury hung!