52-2 District Court

The 52-2 District Court in Clarkston covers the northwest portion of Oakland County and serves the jurisdictions of Clarkston, Holly, Independence Township, White Lake, Ortonville, Holly, Davisburg, Rose Township, Brandon Township, Groveland, and Springfield Township.  Although the 52-2 serves the most rural areas of Oakland County, they see their fair share of drunk driving cases.  The court itself is served by Judge Kelley Kostin and Judge Joseph Fabrizio, both of which are well respected jurists by both defense attorneys and prosecutors.  If you have a drunk driving first offense case in the 52-2 District Court, chances are you are not going to jail. On the more serious charges, such as second offense OWIs, jail is a possibility, although the 52-2 judges do participate in sobriety court.

As to our attorneys' involvement in this court, trial attorney Jim Amberg has conducted some of the most interesting jury trials of his career, including the "bw3 chicken wing" and the "lapband" defenses.  But his standout victory in this court occurred when he got a not guilty verdict on a high bac superdrunk driving case against the Oakland County Prosecutor, where his client had a .22 blood alcohol content on a blood draw.  The jury was out for five minutes before coming back with an unbelievable verdict!