52-1 District Court

The 52-1 District Court is the most unique of the district courts strewn throughout Oakland County.  The reason for this is that for years, this court had one of the most polarizing figures, Judge Mackenzie, at the helm.  However, in a recent election, Judge Travis Reeds unseated Judge Mackenzie and Judge Dennis Powers retired with his seat being filled by Judge David Law.  Although there has been a shakeup with the other two judicial seats, Judge Robert Bondy continues to serve.  Nevertheless, the 52-1 District Court has changed, and with the new judges comes new ideas of fighting drunk driving cases in the court.

Regarding jail time, the chances are slim that you are looking at jail on a first offense operating while intoxicated, so long as no crash has occurred.  That is not the case with second offenses, as jail comes into play.  

At Amberg & Amberg, DUI trial attorney Jim Amberg has conducted numerous operating while intoxicated jury trials in the 52-1 District Court, including Judge Mackenzie's last jury trial and one of Judge Reeds first trials.  Jim and his staff are on very familiar terms with the judges and prosecutors, who all know that Jim has no problem going to trial in front of all three judges.

The 52-1 District Court serves Novi, South Lyon, Wixom, Walled Lake, Milford, Highland, Commerce, Commerce Township, South Lyon, Lyon Township and Wolverine Lake.