51st District Court

The 51st District Court in Waterford is one of the great courts of Oakland County when it comes to drunk driving cases.  First, both Judges Richard Kuhn and Jodi Switalski believe that jail should not be used as a first resort, instead finding that offering people help and programs greatly reduces the rates of recidivism.  Second, there is no better place to conduct an operating while intoxicated jury trial than in Waterford because the people of Waterford are reasonable, common sense folks who aren't afraid to call out the police and rule in favor of the defendant.

Amberg and Amberg trial lawyer Jim Amberg can attest to the reasonableness and intelligence of Waterford juries as he recently beat the Oakland County Prosecutor's Office in an operating while intoxicated OWI second offense case where the jury found Jim's client not guilty after a short deliberation.  This verdict was reached even though not only was it a second offense, but the case involved the client's girlfriend falling off of his motorcycle into oncoming traffic on M-59. 

Waterford operates a courtwide sobriety court based probation with probation officers that will actually return phone calls and work with their probationers.  On the more major OWI offenses, knowing you will get sobriety court regardless of going to trial is a great comfort as the ability to keep a driver license and not go to jail exists, even on second offenses.