50th District Court


The 50th District Court in Pontiac is Oakland County's busiest District Court. The court is presided over by four judges, Judge Preston Thomas, Judge Cynthia Walker, Judge Ronda Gross, and Judge Michael Martinez. The rate of operating while intoxicated arrests has skyrocketed in Pontiac in the past few years due to the Oakland County Sheriff taking over police jurisdiction of the City.  Although some attorneys may think that the Pontiac court takes it easy on drunk drivers, the reality is quite the opposite.  All the judges in the 50th District Court are capable of imposing jail on first offense owi and impaired convictions, especially when probation violations occur.  As to second offenses, jail is highly likely, but it depends on the judge.

We have had great successes over the years in the 50th District Court. Amberg & Amberg trial lawyer Jim Amberg once won a jury trial in the Pontiac court where the defendant was charged with a high bac super drunk driving with a .27 bac from a blood draw where he couldn't even get out of his vehicle.  The bottom line is that with the great jurors of Pontiac, drunk driving cases in Pontiac can be won, no matter what the facts are.