44th District Court

The 44th District Court in Royal Oak is our home court at Amberg & Amberg as we can see it from our offices.  We love Royal Oak and its presiding judges Derek Meinecke and Jamie Wittenberg.  The Court itself has recently combined to serve the residents of both Berkley and Royal Oak.  Regarding operating while intoxicated cases in Royal Oak and Berkley, both Judge Meinecke and Wittenberg tend to give people a chance before imposing incarceration.  This is because both believe that helping somebody is more important than locking them away.

As to practicing law before these judges, long before Judge Meinecke was a judge, he would go toe to toe against Amberg & Amberg attorney Jim Amberg as a prosecutor in Oakland County, including an epic attempted murder trial that both Judge Meinecke and Jim will never forget.  As to Judge Wittenberg, he is not afraid to make a decision based on the law and what is right rather than simply pandering to the prosecutor.