43rd District Court Madison Heights


Judge Keith Hunt presides over the 43rd District Court Madison Heights division.  As this is one of Amberg &Amberg's core courts, we have found that because Madison Heights does have a younger populace who spends time in Royal Oak and Detroit, most drinking and driving charges stem from folks driving home from one of the dozens of bars in the local area.  Because of this, the Madison Heights District Court handles many drinking and driving cases.  

Judge Hunt is a reasonable person and a very even keeled judge.  He is willing to give people chances because he understands that most of the time with owi cases, they are good people who made one bad decision.  Expect probation, unless you completely disregard your bond conditions or totally blow off probation.

The residents of Madison Heights are good people who care about giving you a fair trial.  That is why you always have a chance in a drunk driving trial in the 43rd District Court in Madison Heights.