43rd District Court Hazel Park


The Hazel Park division of the 43rd District Court is a dangerous place when you are a criminal defendant in a drinking and driving case.  Judge Charles Goedert is the sole judge of the court and he is known to hand out jail sentences, even on first offense cases.  With drinking and driving cases, Judge Goedert in first offense cases for the most part will give defendants a chance, but his bond and probation a conditions are the toughest out of all of the district courts in the southern half of Oakland County.  The problem generally happens when there is any violation of your bond, where Judge Goedert will then order jail time, no matter the circumstances. 

As Hazel Park drunk driving lawyers, we have seen an uptick in Hazel Park drinking and driving cases due to Hazel Park's proximaty to the nightlife of Royal Oak, Ferndale, and Detroit, as well as the heating up of its own nightlife.  We have handled all sorts of cases in Hazel Park and know exactly how to deal with Judge Goedert and the various prosecutors of Hazel Park.