43rd District Court Ferndale Division


The recently renovated 43rd District Court located on Nine Mile in Ferndale is home to one of the most interesting judges in Oakland County, Judge Joseph Longo.  The Ferndale district court handles many drinking and driving cases due to the numerous Ferndale bars as well as Ferndale's close proximity to the bars of midtown and downtown in Detroit.  As Oakland County drunk driving lawyers, we've handled our fair share of operating while intoxicated cases in Ferndale. 

As to Judge Longo, he can be the toughest judge while at the same time he is the most fair.  Judge Longo is jot afraid to make a decision favorable to the defense, nor is he beyond granting a great sentence.  At the same time, Judge Longo is no pushover and will let the ax of justice fall if you don't take your Ferndale drunk driving case seriously.