35th District Court


Although rarely thought of as an Oakland County court, the 35th District Court in Plymouth actually has jurisdiction over parts of Oakland County.  The 35th District Court is presided over by Judges Ronald Lowe, Michael Gerou, and James Plakas.  The 35th District Court serves the five communities of Canton, Plymouth City, Plymouth Township, Northville City, and Northville Township.

Drinking and driving cases in the 35th District Court are uniquely dealt with for the reason that in first offense cases, a plea can be entered and the defendant then immediately goes to the probation department where a sentence is offered.  The defendant can either take the offered sentence and the case is over, or go back upstairs and withdraw their plea. 

As to jury trials in the Plymouth court, Amberg & Amberg trial lawyer Jim Amberg recently won a jury trial in Plymouth stemming from an allegation that his client was operating his vehicle while under the influence of drugs.  Jim's client appeared on video to be completely intoxicated, as he was driving on the wrong side of the road, couldn't stand on his own, and had codeine, morphine, Xanax, and ambien in his system.  Jim was able to convince the jury that his client's actions were not due to intoxication, but instead a result of a medical event.  The not guilty verdict Jim received saved his client's job as a paramedic.