Facing drunk driving charges in Oakland County is a frightening and stressful experience.  It is common knowledge that many of the Judges in Oakland County are the toughest in Michigan.  Adding to this difficulty is the Oakland County Prosecutor's Office, whose prosecutors for the most part are prohibited from making deals in OWI cases and are told by their superiors to conduct jury trials in every drunk driving case.  Most of the attorneys who claim to practice drunk driving defense in Oakland County have never actually conducted an OWI jury trial and simply will roll over and let the prosecutors and judges have their way with their clients.

Jim Amberg winning a drunk driving jury trial in Waterford

However, the attorneys at Amberg & Amberg have a different philosophy when it comes to handling an Oakland County drunk driving case.   Known as the lawyer who tries "impossible" cases, lead trial lawyer Jim Amberg conducts on average 15-20 OWI jury trials every year, mainly in Oakland County.  These trials, have resulted in many not guilty verdicts and hung juries stemming from very difficult facts including high blood alcohol contents, felonies, vehicle accidents, and serious injuries.  His method of practice is to never give in and be ready to try any case.  This has resonated with the Oakland County Prosecutor's Office as many of their own prosecutors refer their friends and families to Amberg & Amberg to defend them against drunk driving charges.

Not guilty verdict on DWI charge despite 0.12 breath reading and an accident. Jim spent the time to understand all the facts including other causes of the accident, procedural missteps by the officers, and medical issues casting doubt on the 0.12 reading
— http://www.avvo.com/attorneys/48067-mi-james-amberg-729548/reviews.html

Amberg & Amberg receives its cases from other lawyers who hire Jim Amberg to conduct their drunk driving jury trials, from former clients who have been very satisfied with their results, and even from police officers who have been subjected to Jim's blistering cross examinations at trial.  If you or a loved one is facing a drunk driving in Oakland County or in any other court throughout Southeast Michigan, give us a call and let's talk about how we are going to win your case!

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